Private Collectibles and Valuables

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Private Collectibles and Valuables insurance covers a wide range of items in the home, in storage, or at a third-party location such as an office, in a gallery, or with an art rental service. It includes cover for fire and theft, and accidental damage. Worldwide cover is available for jewellery and watch pieces that are worn.

The types of items covered can include robust outdoor sculpture to fragile glassware and ceramics, stamps, paintings, wine collections, and more. Jewellery and valuables can include all manner of jewellery and watches, bullion, coins and banknotes, and loose precious stones.

These collections may be privately owned or form part of investments in superannuation funds.

A combined Private Collectibles and Valuables wording providing cover as required for:

  • Private Artwork and Collectibles
  • Private Jewellery and Valuables
  • Vault storage
  • Transit
  • Exhibitions (privately owned artworks)

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