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What does Specie include?

Specie provides insurance products that protect valuables or special collectibles such as coins, bullion, artworks, wine, jewellery, watches and all manner of objects that people like to buy and collect. Its literal meaning is money in the form of coins rather than notes, and nowadays includes the wider group of collectibles and valuables other than just coins.

The insurance products in this class cover private collections for individuals, companies and superannuation funds, and comprehensive insurance for businesses that deal in specie items.

Why Keystone?

At Keystone the goal is to deliver outstanding service, quality products and exceptional security. We aim to offer insurance solutions and business partnerships unmatched in today’s marketplace.

Keystone relies on the security of Lloyd’s of London. Lloyd’s has been a pioneer in insurance, and over 325 years, has grown to become the world’s leading market for specialist insurance. Lloyd’s currently enjoys an A+ rating from Standard & Poor’s, AA- from Fitch, and A from A.M. Best.

Keystone underwriters possess the skills and expertise to individually tailor policies to the specific needs of your clients. This provides them with comprehensive cover at a competitive price.

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